What Are The Risks Of Foundation Damage During House Lifting Construction?

Posted on: 16 May 2018

Maybe your home is a single story and you have always wanted a basement, or perhaps you are looking to build a new story beneath the one-story home you have now. Thanks to advancements in modern architecture and construction equipment, these kinds of changes are possible with many homes through a process known as house lifting. Just as it sounds, house lifting involves supporting the foundation of your home, raising it, and then performing work while the home is on lifts.

The biggest concern during this kind of work is disrupting the main supporting foundation of the house. Here are a few things you should know about foundation repairs during house lifting construction. 

In some cases, the foundation is actually separated from the house during construction. 

If you have a solid slab foundation under your house, the house will be lifted separately from that solid slab foundation. Therefore, you will not really have to be concerned about it being damaged during the process. That is unless you have an old foundation that is already cracked or crumbling and dismantling it from the frame of the house causes problems. If you are having the house lifted in order to install a basement beneath it, this solid slab will be removed anyway so the basement can be dug into the ground and a new foundation installed. 

It is common for block foundations to fall apart during house lifting. 

Block foundations are created from concrete blocks that are mortared together for stability. When the heft of an entire house is lifted from a solid block foundation, it is common for some of the blocks to fall out of place because they may have already been wobbly to start with. In these situations, the repairs to the block foundation are pretty straightforward, and they will be accomplished before the home is situated back in place or the new story is built over it. 

If your home has a stone foundation, expect a full replacement. 

Old houses were notoriously built on foundations made from whatever materials were available. Therefore, you may have a foundation made out of crude stone or pieces of flat rock if you have a house that is really old. In these situations, it is almost always necessary to do a full foundation replacement if the house is lifted because the stone foundation will likely fall apart when the house is lifted.