Surviving A House Fire: 3 Tips For Eliminating The Stink

Posted on: 8 October 2015

House fires aren't always a disaster; however, they are never enjoyable. If your house has suffered from a fire, your home probably smells like a campfire—even if all of the soot is eliminated. Fortunately, you don't have to live with that smell. Here are three tips to help you eliminate the smell of smoke in your home: 1. Try Charcoal It might sound a little odd, but charcoal is fantastic for neutralizing odors.
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The Truth About Mold: 3 Signs You Should Have A Creeping Suspicion That Something Is Growing In Your Home

Posted on: 18 September 2015

One of the biggest signs of water damage in the home is mold. Mold loves a hospitable spot to grow, and moisture provides that ideal environment. Unfortunately, when this environment is inside your home it can cause plenty of problems. Mold caused by water damage can destroy the paint, the wood, the insulation, and nearly anything else within the home. It can also cause problems like respiratory illness in the home's inhabitants.
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